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US Offshore Wind Plans Reliant on Ready Supply of Power Cables

Market Intelligence

Understanding the interplay between market forces in the submarine cable industry

SubCableWorld’s real-time market intelligence originates from an ever-evolving information and forecasting service that offers an unrivalled source of industry intelligence for the Fiber Optic Cable and the Wind Power offshore industries. By constantly tracking key metrics in the industry, such as supply contract awards, the availability of financing, and the exponential demand for bandwidth, SubCableWorld is able to provide pinpoint analysis of current market developments.
Submarine Fiber Optic Cables

Submarine Fiber Optic Cables

Our Fiber Optic Cable research and analysis presents a detailed look at the forces impacting the fiber optic cable sector, covering everything from availability of financing, bandwidth demand, geographic trends, to new project announcements and contract awards.

Submarine Fiber Optic Cable Projects

Submarine Fiber Optic Cable Projects

The Fiber Optic Cable project database allows users to filter by project, owner, supplier, country and region. The projects in our database include those under development as well as those that have recently entered service.

Offshore Wind Power Cables

Offshore Wind Power Cables

Our Wind Power Cables model and forecasting provide intelligence for the offshore wind cable industry. Combining news and analysis, our analysis provides critical information necessary to understand this rapidly growing market.

Expert insights. Timely updates.

Our real-time market intelligence doesn’t come in the form of a static report but rather an ever-evolving information service and forecasting tool that offers an unrivalled source of industry intelligence. Over a decade of tracking key metrics such as supply contract awards, the availability of financing and demand for bandwidth form the foundation to support the analysis of current developments in the industry.

Get instant access to the SubCableWorld Newsfeed

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Get instant access to the SubCableWorld Newsfeed

14-day free trial to daily insights from our experts

Research Services

Backed by over three decades of experience in the submarine cable market, and an extensive network of contacts, SubCableWorld provides research services based on its extensive databases tracking the submarine cable market on a daily basis. These services include market research for new cable systems, analysis of market competition, opportunities for partnering and other consulting services.

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Expert Leadership

Our team of experts, led by John Manock, editor and Cable Expert at SubCableWorld, have been analyzing the submarine cable world for nearly 30 years. We report on market conditions, the financial results of major public companies in the industry, the climate for industry investment, and the actions of governments around the world that impact the global submarine cable market.

Investors, CEOs and industry professionals rely on SubCableWorld as the source of industry intelligence to stay abreast of trends, changes, and opportunities.


Dedicated Research Services Focused on Market Research, Competition and Opportunities are available as bespoke reports catered to our client’s specific data needs.

Strategic Partnership


SubCableWorld has formed a partnership with Business Network for Offshore Wind(BIZNOW), a non-profit company dedicated to building a network that will usher the United States into the offshore wind market. SCW and BIZNOW will provide the best available data to the supply chain that will need it to fuel the growth of the marine services related to the installation and maintenance cables.

The two organizations are preparing a joint report on the development of the offshore wind market and the key role that the nascent U.S. supply chain for submarine power cables will play. The continued development of the wind cable supply chain is a key factor in the growth of the offshore wind market in the United States.

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SubCableWorld is a news and information service that changes the way the submarine cable industry is covered. It presents the latest news from the industry, as well as real-time analysis of the market.