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SubCableWorld is the definitive guide for understanding the intricacies of the global submarine cable market. As the telecomms and offshore wind sectors drive unprecedented demand on the cable industry, SubCableWorld offers its members exclusive access to decision-critical data and essential information.

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Subsea Cables is all we cover; Our market intelligence originates from a singular focus and dedication to a specific industry. This long-standing commitment has paved the way to some invaluable proprietary data over the decades, not to mention a reputable standing among the industry’s most prominent companies and associations. Our team of subject matter experts has a privileged understanding of the subsea cable industry, and their expertise lies in how they translate this into meaningful analysis and forecasting for the fiber optic and offshore wind cable markets.

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SubCableWorld has formed a partnership with Business Network for Offshore Wind(BIZNOW), a non-profit company dedicated to building a network that will usher the United States into the offshore wind market. SCW and BIZNOW will provide the best available data to the supply chain that will need it to fuel the growth of the marine services related to the installation and maintenance cables.

The two organizations are preparing a joint report on the development of the offshore wind market and the key role that the nascent U.S. supply chain for submarine power cables will play. The continued development of the wind cable supply chain is a key factor in the growth of the offshore wind market in the United States.

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SubCableWorld is a news and information service that changes the way the submarine cable industry is covered. It presents the latest news from the industry, as well as real-time analysis of the market.